Any farther on this?


Simon Riggs wrote:
> WIP patch to perform a switch from one log file to next when we do a
> pg_stop_backup(), including wal replay handling at recovery time.
> Patch currently crashes server at various points, so don't stare too
> hard, but patch applies cleanly on cvstip, compiles and make checks.
> Main issue is the need to poke the xlog record pointer with a new value
> after the log switch. I'm a little uncertain about that approach and I'm
> very likely getting it wrong now. Better ideas welcome.
> Patch is incomplete in that it doesn't handle shutdown checkpoints as
> log switches in archive mode (yet)
> Also nothing in here about standby databases (yet)
> Any comments appreciated before I spend too much time on this.
> Best Regards, Simon Riggs

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