"Qingqing Zhou" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Change elog(ERROR) to Assert(false) for two reasons:

No.  Remember that in most installations Assert() is a no-op.

> (2) even if it could happen, elog(ERROR) won't save us since in many places
> we have to check the return code of hash_search() and decide the error
> level.

You do know that elog(ERROR) doesn't return control to the caller?

> On a separate matter, can anyone please explain me how this piece of code
> works:

>     /* no free elements.  allocate another chunk of buckets */
>     if (!element_alloc(hashp, HASHELEMENT_ALLOC_INCR))
>      return NULL; /* out of memory */

That test is a no-op in the case where hashp->alloc in fact points to
palloc.  But it doesn't always point there --- see shmem_alloc.

                        regards, tom lane

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