Bruce Momjian wrote:
> Where are we on this?  I do think it solves a problem that some are
> having, and it seems it would detect a disconnected client and abort a
> long running query.

I haven't had a chance to do any work to support the Solaris stuff, but
otherwise I'm just waiting on review.

Note that the patch doesn't do anything about long-running queries, it's
really about long-running connections/transactions. The server will only
notice the disconnected client once it tries to read/write something.

> I am not very excited about adding four more GUC variables, and I am
> thinking we could just have it use the OS defaults and see if we need
> more later, so that would add only one GUC.

The whole point of the patch is that the system-wide defaults are
usually not useful. The current, unpatched, server turns on SO_KEEPALIVE
always, but the typical OS defaults set the timeout before probing to
about 2 hours.


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