Bruce Momjian wrote:
Neil, I have added these item to the TODO list.  Do you plan on applying

No, I don't have any immediate plans to apply it, as unfortunately I didn't see a performance win :-( It's also possible I'm just not measuring the right workload, although I don't have time to rerun the benchmarks at the moment.

The patch does two things: (1) change hash indexes to only store the key's hash value, not the entire key (2) store index elements within a hash bucket in order of hash key and search for matches via binary search. #1 is definitely a win in some in some circumstances (e.g. indexing large fields or types with expensive equality operators), but those aren't the common case. I'm surprised that #2 is not a more noticeable improvement...

One possibility would be to provide an optional implementation of #1, perhaps via an alternate index operator class. That way people could select it in those situations in which it is worth using.


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