Greg Sabino Mullane wrote:
> But all we are asking is that you add a single letter ('S') to your
> queries. There are probably only a handful of people besides yourself
> who use \df to look up system functions, while the other 99% of the
> world would benefit greatly from being able to do a \df and see their
> functions, as opposed to doing "\df public.*" (which won't work of
> course if you have your functions in other schemas).

Several years ago, \df was considered the primary documentation for what 
functions existed and what they did, as the full documentation was not 
all that complete back then.  That's why all functions tend to have 
comments defined by default.  Now I don't look up functions as much as 
I used to, probably because I know most of them, but I can imagine that 
this original purpose of \df is still valid today.

Peter Eisentraut

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