This patch contains info about EXECUTE .. INTO statement.

Pavel Stehule   
*** pgsql.old/doc/src/sgml/func.sgml    2005-05-23 03:50:01.000000000 +0200
--- pgsql.new/doc/src/sgml/func.sgml    2005-06-01 19:17:08.000000000 +0200
*** 279,284 ****
--- 279,300 ----
  <replaceable>a</replaceable> &lt; <replaceable>x</replaceable> OR 
<replaceable>a</replaceable> &gt; <replaceable>y</replaceable>
+     There is special variant of this operator <indexterm><primary>BETWEEN 
+     In this case isn't important <replaceable>x</replaceable> &lt;= 
<replaceable>y</replaceable> and
+     <replaceable>a</replaceable> BETWEEN SYMMETRIC 
<replaceable>x</replaceable> AND <replaceable>y</replaceable>
+     is equivalent to
+ <synopsis>
+ (<replaceable>a</replaceable> &gt;= <replaceable>x</replaceable> AND 
<replaceable>a</replaceable> &lt;= <replaceable>y</replaceable>) OR 
(<replaceable>a</replaceable> &gt;= <replaceable>y</replaceable> AND 
<replaceable>a</replaceable> &lt;= <replaceable>x</replaceable>)
+ </synopsis>
+     Similarly,
+ <synopsis>
+ <replaceable>a</replaceable> NOT BETWEEN SYMMETRIC 
<replaceable>x</replaceable> AND <replaceable>y</replaceable>
+ </synopsis>
+     is equivalent to
+ <synopsis>
+ (<replaceable>a</replaceable> &lt; <replaceable>x</replaceable> OR 
<replaceable>a</replaceable> &gt; <replaceable>y</replaceable>) OR 
(<replaceable>a</replaceable> &lt; <replaceable>y</replaceable> OR 
<replaceable>a</replaceable> &gt; <replaceable>x</replaceable>)
+ </synopsis>
      There is no difference between the two respective forms apart from
      the <acronym>CPU</acronym> cycles required to rewrite the first one
      into the second one internally.
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