> Why not a pgFoundry project called Oracle-Compat or something? There
> are plenty of functions etc... that can be included in the package as a 
> whole.
> Once it is large enough, push it to contrib or vie for core support.

Is exists. Not in very usefull state, true. 


I have two motivations for commit in main code. I don't speak about 
functions like add_months (it's can be in sontrib, for me). a) next_day, 
last_day are usefull, I am sure, and I wont to use them. b) some functions 
need patch to parser - greatest, least and decode. I don't know way to 
implemented its efective like normal contrib functions. And if they are 
outside main tree, you have to maintain patch :-(. 

I expect so less used functions will go to contrib: LNNVL, .. but some 
functions can by general usefull. There is WIDTH_BUCKET in core too now. 
Who use it? 

Pavel Stehule

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