Tom Lane wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <> writes:
> > Is reading postgresql.conf
> > from pg_ctl without a parser really accurate?
> The brute-force solution is to duplicate guc-file.l.
> That seems pretty ugly but in the long run it might be the most
> maintainable solution.  We eventually gave up trying to have a
> cut-rate SQL lexer in psql, and duplicated parser/scan.l.
> Might be best to just go for that solution up front in this case.

Added to TODO:

> * Allow pg_ctl to work properly with configuration files located outside
>   the PGDATA directory
>   pg_ctl can not read the pid file because it isn't located in the
>   config directory but in the PGDATA directory.  The solution is to
>   allow pg_ctl to read and understand postgresql.conf to find the
>   data_directory value.

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