>> >> A quick-check (haven't checked any details) - your 
>> >unconditional use of
>> >> Global\ will not work on NT4. With 8.0 we said we wanted to 
>> >support NT4
>> >> with some limits (IIRC, tablespaces don't work, and the intaller
>> >> definitly doesn't work). If we want to continue doing 
>that (which I
>> >> think we do), the global\ has to be conditional - used on 
>2000+, not
>> >> used on <= NT4.
>> >
>> >How should he make this change?  Test OS version or use a different
>> >feature?
>> Test the OS version. The other feature that can be used is 
>named pipes,
>> and that's what we have today ;-) All other kernel objects 
>that we could
>> use all use the namespaces in the new format, but not back on NT4
>Do we have any place now were we test the Win32 version, that he could
>use as an example, or is this configure.in stuff?

It *must* be done at runtime. Because you use the same binary on NT4 and
more recent versions!

Nope, we don't have any checks like that today. It's fairly trivial, but
if examples are needed, look at pginstca.c in the pginstaller project
where we do this.


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