Neil Conway wrote:
> Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > Could we do your NOLOGGING automatically in COPY if we test to see if
> > anyone else is connected to our current database?
> That seems pretty fragile -- what happens if someone connects after the 
> COPY has started? Considering that many COPY operations can take many 
> minutes or hours, I don't think it is wise to make assumptions based on 
> the initial state of the system.
> > I would _love_ to see pg_dump loads use this automatically, without
> > having to add clauses to pg_dump output.
> What's wrong with adding clauses to the pg_dump output?

Well, it isn't going to help us for 8.1 because 8.0 will not have it,
and if we add the clause we make loading the data into previous releases

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