Greg Stark wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <> writes:
> > I think we have concluded that the use of the ICU library is the way we
> > are going to accomplish multi-locale support in the future.
> You did? It really seemed like there was one crowd pushing ICU and hardly
> anyone else interested in piling a huge library dependency on Postgres. It
> seemed like ICU was only really necessary if you wanted some esoteric
> functionality that wasn't entirely explained.

I thought we were willing to require the library for multi-locale

> I'm having no trouble handling multi-locale already using the strxfrm
> implementation that was posted and refined by several people on the mailing
> list. 
> Yes it's true that on some OSes it wouldn't be tolerably efficient but on
> glibc it's more than tolerable. If better solutions (strxfrm_l) become
> available at some point in the future then it would be about as efficient as
> it could be on platforms where those features are available.

There are some things I think ICU can fix for us like indexing non-C
localed columns.

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