Bruce Momjian wrote:
Andreas Pflug wrote:

Bruce Momjian wrote:

Andreas Pflug wrote:

This patch reenables pg_terminate_backend, allowing (superuser only, of course) to terminate a backend. As taken from the discussion some weeks earlier, SIGTERM seems to be used quite widely, without a report of misbehavior so while the code path is officially not too well tested, in practice it's working ok and helpful.

I thought we had a discussion that the places we accept SIGTERM might be
places that can exit if the postmaster is shutting down, but might not
be places we can exit if the postmaster continues running, e.g. holding
locks.  Have you checked all the places we honor SIGTERM to check that
we are safe to exit?  I know Tom had concerns about that.

My patch is purely to enable a supervisor to issue a SIGTERM using a pgsql client, instead of doing it from a server command line. It's not meant to fix the underlying problems.

We don't support sending SIGTERM from the server command line to
individual backends, so why add support for it in SQL?

I don't want to slip into discussion whether it's good to SIGTERM a backend or not, it is in use. So drop it if you don't like clients to have the same facilities as console users.

BTW, I got a lot of other instrumentation stuff pending, which I originally wanted to post one by one to allow individual discussion but I'm running out of time for feature freeze. Apparently I'll have to post all at once.


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