Pavel Stehule wrote:
> Hello
> This patch respect last Tom's Lane notes. Is based on first variante, 
> SQLSTATE and SQLERRM are local variables blocks with EXCEPTION clause. 
> I wonted respect a litlle bit Oracle behavior and therefore exist these 
> variables on function scope too, allways "00000" and "Successful 
> completation" (allways marked isconst).
> I am really not sure what is better, respect Oracle or not with visibility 
> SQLSTATE and SQLERRM on function scope. Is true, using these variables 
> outside EXCEPTION is nonsens, but on other hand all magic variables has 
> function scope: FOUND, NEW, OLD, ... . SQLSTATE and SQLERRM are little bit 
> similar. If are you in oportunity, please correct this patch. It's easy. 
> Clean all parts with these on functions related procedures. Then is 
> neccesery change documentation, add info about outside exceptions blocks 
> is impossible use SQLSTATE and SQLERRM variables. (regress too)

Seems OK to allow them to be visible outside an exception.

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