Tom Lane wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <> writes:
> > I have fixed the code to properly remove *.backup files from the
> > /pg_xlog directory once they are archived.
> I do not actually think that this is a good idea.  The .backup files are
> not large and they are pretty critical info --- so having multiple
> copies of them seems like a good idea.  We don't auto-remove timeline
> history files either, for the same reason.

I realize the files are small, but the number of entries in the
directory might get pretty large.  I am also worried about folks
realizing we are not cleaning out those directories and mucking in there
when they shouldn't --- I already got a private email asking why there
are so many files in there and can they be cleared out.  In fact, the
archive_status/ directory also keeps *.done files for the backup files.

We knowe we have archived the *.backup files.  Are these files any use
if we can't get the archive files restored?

OK, how about if we do this cleanup when we do pg_stop_backup() so we
delete any previous *.backup files, rather than do it as part of

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