Patch applied, thanks.

> Following the commit of my psql latex format fixes, I've re-done the
> patch for the troff-ms format which previously included this patch.
> It's identical to the original but with the latex hunks removed.


Roger Leigh wrote:
> Hello,
> I've created a patch which adds support for troff "-ms" output to
> psql.  i.e. "\pset format troff-ms".  The patch also corrects some
> problems with the "latex" format, notably defining an extra column in
> the output table, and correcting some alignment issues; it also
> changes the output to match the border setting as documented in the
> manual page and as shown with the "aligned" format.
> The troff-ms output is mostly identical to the latex output allowing
> for the differences between the two typesetters.
> The output should be saved in a file and piped as follows:
>   cat file | tbl | troff -T ps -ms >
> or
>   tbl file | troff -T ps -ms >
> Because it contains tabs, you'll need to redirect psql output or use
> "script", rather than pasting from a terminal window, due to the tabs
> which can be replaced with spaces.
> I've attached the patch (against the current mainline), and example
> output of each for each of border=[123] and expanded mode on and off
> (both source and printable copy).
> Regards,
> Roger
> PS.  I'm not subscribed, so I would appreciate a CC on any replies.
> Thanks!
> -- 
> Roger Leigh
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> mail.

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