Patch applied.  Thanks.  Doc updates applied too.


Magnus Hagander wrote:
> This patch makes it possible to use the full set of timezones when doing
> "AT TIME ZONE", and not just the shorlist previously available. For
> example:
> works fine now. It will also obey whatever DST rules were in effect at
> just that date, which the previous implementation did not.
> It also supports the AT TIME ZONE on the timetz datatype. The whole
> handling of DST is a bit bogus there, so I chose to make it use whatever
> DST rules are in effect at the time of executig the query. not sure if
> anybody is actuallyi *using* timetz though, it seems pretty
> unpredictable just because of this...
> Docs updates forthcoming assuming this approach is considered good ;-)
> //Magnus

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