Robert Treat wrote:

On Saturday 18 June 2005 04:55, Andreas Pflug wrote:
Magnus Hagander wrote:
Umm. Tiny item, but your comment still refers to the database as
pg_system ;-)

What is the purpose of this database? A generalized, shared resource for tool makers and add-on packages to store information in PostgreSQL, or a working database that is usable (and to be used) out of the box for new users? I really don't think we want the latter... I can see users connecting via psql and then playing around with different add/create type statements. It is all too common a question from newbies... "does postgresql have a default database to get started with?"

A sample DB would be nice...

They'll see this database and begin creating schema and using this as thier main database, and I think we ought to avoid that. If people don't like pg_system, pg_addons seem like a much safer name to go with imho.

To avoid people creating stuff in it, the patch revokes CREATE from public (won't help against admins),
which in turn Tom thinks is "not a sane default".


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