On Wed, Jun 15, 2005 at 03:03:46PM +0200, Gerrit van Dyk wrote:
> My next project I am working in is to get the PL/Python module to return 
> records (ie. structured data)

Hmmm...if you're interested in working on PL/Python, then you might
mosey over to pgsql-hackers and see the "process crash when a
plpython function returns unicode" thread:


I was going to submit a simple patch to fix the immediate problem,
calling ereport(ERROR, ...) if PyObject_Str() returned NULL.  I
haven't decided on an error message yet, not being sure if I should
hard-code something generic or if there's a way to get a more
specific error message from Python.  Tino Wildenhain followed up
with a suggestion to improve PL/Python's Unicode support.  Is that
anything you'd be interested in working on?  If so then please reply
to the thread in pgsql-hackers to keep the discussion in one place
(I already moved it to -hackers from -bugs because the former seemed
more a appropriate place for extended discussion).

Michael Fuhr

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