David Fetter wrote:

In src/backend/utils/adt/arrayfuncs.c there are direct
array-manipulation functions.

And in other places - I had already found that stuff :-) . But a worked example would help. If it's not available I'll muddle through some time.

In the perlapi docs for perl, there are
ways to manipulate arrays directly.

The patch is already using them. In fact, you can't delve even mildly into plperl.c without having the perlapi docs close at hand.

It should be possible to go
between perl arrays and postgresql arrays this way, except...perl
arrays can contain undef, which usually translates as NULL.  Would it
be easier to add NULL support to postgresql arrays than to handle
undefs in perl arrays automagically?

We should have NULL support in arrays. In the absence of that I'm not particularly inclined to make special provsion for undef in an array.



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