On Sun, Jun 26, 2005 at 07:46:32PM +0200, Petr Jelínek wrote:
> Euler Taveira de Oliveira wrote:
> >IIRC, people want the last one. We have more control if we can set it
> >per user or per database. 
> Like I said, guc variables _can_ be set per user or per database if you 
> use right context.

I don't think this approach is very user-friendly.  I'd vote for the
catalog approach, I think.

> >Talking about pgstat, I think you can rely on
> >it 'cause it can be disabled. Could you describe the design you
> >intended to implement?
> I "can rely on it 'cause it can be disabled" - did you mean that I can't 
> rely on it ?
> Well I am still not sure how I will implement it when I can't use 
> pgstat. I think that I will have to use similar aproach which makes me sad.

Maybe you could make some checks against the shared array of PGPROCs
(procarray.c), for the per-database limit at least.  Not sure about
per-user limit.

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