AgentM said:
> Attached is a patch which corrects the behavior. I verified that the
> patch does not interfere with normal operation (using psql) but
> unfortunately the code path is virtually impossible to test without a
> really slow connection to a postgresql server [which I thankfully
> don't have]. To test the patch, you would need to send an interrupt
> at the exact time that the kernel is connect()ing in blocking mode-
> good luck.
> Also, I recommend removing a (sarcastic?) comment left by a previous
> developer- I wrote a note about in my patch.
> The patch is against 8.0.3 [because HEAD requires access to a
> specific version of bison] but I imagine that the code hasn't changed
> in fe-connect.c since then.
> Patch against src/interfaces/libpq/fe-connect.c (v 8.0.3)

It's not even legal C89 C - please don't use // style comments.



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