(Sent this earlier, but afraid it may have gotten caught by the
   too-big bug, so I'm reposting without the files attached, they can 
   all be found at: ; there 
   are also gzip and uncompressed versions of the unified / context 
   diffs there for those who don't care for bzip2)

  Attached please find files and patches associated with moving from the
  User/Group system currently in place to Roles, as discussed
  previously.  The files are:

    New system table, contains role information
    To be placed in src/include/catalog, replacing pg_shadow.h

    New system table, contains role/membership information
    To be placed in src/include/catalog, replacing pg_group.h

    Main patch, generated via cvs -z3 diff -c | bzip2
    (gzip didn't quite get it under the 100K mark for the list)

    List of milestones associated with my work on Roles support
    '*' indicates that the milestone has been met/completed
    '?' indicates uncertainty about if something should be done
    No marker indicates an item which needs to be done
    Note: Documentation needs to be updated

  Again, my apologies for not getting this in sooner, it's been a little
  hectic around here of late.  I'm anxious to get feedback, comments,
  corrections, etc.



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