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Atsushi Ogawa wrote:
> I made the patch that improved the performance of replace_text().
> The content of the patch is as follows:
> (1)Create shortcut when subtext was not found.
> (2)Stop using LEFT and RIGHT macro.
> In LEFT and RIGHT macro, TEXTPOS is executed by the same content as
> execution immediately before. The execution frequency of TEXTPOS can be
> reduced by using text_substring instead of LEFT and RIGHT macro.
> (3)Add appendStringInfoText, and use it instead of appendStringInfoString.
> There is an overhead of PG_TEXT_GET_STR when appendStringInfoString is
> executed by text type. This can be reduced by appendStringInfoText.
> (4)Reduce execution of TEXTDUP. 
> The effect of the patch that I measured is as follows:
> - The Data for test was created by 'pgbench -i'.
> - Test SQL:
>  select replace(aid, '9', 'A') from accounts;
> - Test results: Linux(CPU: Pentium III, Compiler option: -O2)
>  original: 1.515s
>  patched:  1.250s
> regards,
> ---
> Atsushi Ogawa

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