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OK, I'm going to apply the patch to my copy and try to get my head around it. meanwhile:

. we should not be describing things as "old" or "new". The person reading the code might have no knowledge of the history, and should not need to. . we should not have "slow" and "fast" either. We should have "text", "csv" and "binary".

IOW, the patch comments look slightly like it is intended for after the fact application rather than incorporation into the main code.

Are you looking at putting CSV mode into the fast code? Please let me know if you have questions about that. There are only a few days left to whip this into shape.



Luke Lonergan wrote:


Something strange has happened. I suspect that you've inadvertantly used
GNU indent or an unpatched BSD indent. pgindent needs a special patched
BSD indent to work according to the PG standards - see the README

OK - phew!  I generated new symbols for pgindent and fixed a bug in the awk
scripting within (diff attached) and ran against the CVS tip copy.c and got
only minor changes in formatting that appear to be consistent with the rest
of the code.  I pgindent'ed the COPY FROM performance modded code and it
looks good and tests good.

Only formatting changes to the previous patch for copy.c attached.

Patch to update pgindent with new symbols and fix a bug in an awk section
(extra \\ in front of a ')').

- Luke

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