> There's no time to do this for 8.1, but I'd like to get it on 
> the books for
> 8.2:
> The Problem:  Occassionally a DBA needs to dump a database to a new 
> encoding.   In instances where the current encoding, (or lack of an 
> encoding, like SQL_ASCII) is poorly supported on the target 
> database server, it can be useful to dump into a particular 
> encoding.  But, currently the only way to set the encoding of 
> a pg_dump file is to change 
> client_encoding in postgresql.conf and restart postmaster.   
> This is more 
> than a little awkward for production systems.
> The TODO:  add an --encoding=[encoding name] option to 
> pg_dump.  This would set client_encoding for pg_dump's session(s).

I *think* that's easy enough to do in time for 8.1. Trivial patch
attached. I hope it's enough :-) It passed my very quick testing...

(Yup, I read the mails aobut PGCLIENTENCODING, but an option to pg_dump
is certainly easier)


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