Sergej Sergeev said:
> Bruce Momjian wrote:
>>Sergej, are you going to repost this patch?
> Sorry for delaying.
> Yes, I working on it, but I wait for decision about Andrew and Abhijit
> patches.

This is the polymorphic types plus perl to pg array patch, right?

I am not working on this right now (or anything else for 8.1) - the original
plperl array to pg array implementation was broken and I was not happy about
the fix I first came up with, and ran out of time to work on an acceptable

Neither is Abhijit, to the best of my knowledge - he has today submitted a
patch for SPI fetching via cursor, which should not affect this stuff.

We recently put the two items on the TODO list, as I understood from Joshua
that you guys weren't working on plperl at all in the 8.1 feature freeze
time frame.



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