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> I'm still unclear as to what exactly is trying to be captured by the  
> names, so I'll just throw some out and see if they're intuitive to  
> anyone.

Thanks Michael. We have 2 functions - 1 returns the on disk size of a
table or index without any additional parts such as indexes or toast
tables. The other function returns the total on disk size of a table and
all associated indexes and toast tables (and any indexes they might
have). The current names are pg_relation_size() for the first function,
and pg_table_size() for the second.

> pg_table_extensions_size()
> pg_table_support_size()
> pg_relation_extensions_size()
> pg_relation_support_size()
> pg_relation_extended_size()

Hmm, none of those really stand out - but thanks anyway. More are
welcome :-)

Regards, Dave

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