On Mon, Jul 04, 2005 at 04:59:58PM +1000, Neil Conway wrote:
> Marko Kreen wrote:
> >Please use following updated patch instead.
> >
> >It implements utf8 conversion, fixes couple of bugs and has
> >many code and comment cleanups.
> The regression tests don't pass on my box. With the default Makefile, 
> there are a lot of errors WRT "no strong random source". After editing 
> the Makefile to make use the "random" device, I get the attached 
> regression.diffs.

I don't understand the regression of the dashes in armor test,
kinda seems you have different psql than in CVS.

But for the regression with 'random = dev', I'd say you did not
do 'make clean' after changing Makefile.  It only changes flags
to random.c, so if you have existing random.o, it wont be

> While I understand the need to make sure people use a reasonably strong 
> crypto source, it would be nice if the regression tests passed out of 
> the box.

Look for the 'pgp_encrypt v3' mail I sent.  There I use special
empty tests for disabled functionality, that succeed, but
hopefully show user through naming that the functionality
is missing.


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