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> To: Robert Treat
> Cc: Bruce Momjian; Dave Page; Tom Lane; Dawid Kuroczko; 
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> Subject: Re: [HACKERS] [PATCHES] Dbsize backend integration
> >>You are into the cycle we were in.  We discussed pg_object size (too
> >>vague) and pg_index_size (needs pg_toast_size too, and maybe toast
> >>indexes; too many functions).
> > 
> > Yeah, I read those discussions, and think you were better 
> off then than you 
> > are now, which is why I went back to it somewhat.  
> To be honest, the amount of effort being expended on this naming 
> discussion far outweighs the benefits.  Maybe it's time for a core 
> member to step in and just resolve it - one way or the other?

Agreed. The current names were discussed (at some length!) by Bruce & I
before I reworked the latest version of the patch. Can we just settle on

Regards, Dave.

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