While we are at it (assuming the autovacuum patch gets included in 8.1) we have a few autovacuum related todo items.
These are the ones I can think of right now:
* XID Wraparound improvement, moving to per-table vacuuming rather than per database. (8.2)
* Alter table commands to set per table autovacuum threshold settings. (8.2)
* Incorporate FSM data to improve vacuum decision making (8.2)
* Deal with stats reset better, possibly force stats reset to false if autovacuum is enabled. (8.2)
* Add the concept of a maintenance window to autovacuum. (maybe 8.1?)
* Have the VACUUM and ANALYZE commands update the pg_autovacuum table itself. This will allow autovacuum to work in harmony with manually issued VACUUM's. (I would like to see this done for 8.1, but I will understand if people demand that it wait for 8.2)
* Add some regression tests?  Not sure what would be appropriate here. (8.1)
* Improve autovacuum threshold defaults (8.1)

Anyone have anything to add to the list?


Bruce Momjian wrote:

TODO item?

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