I built the v8.0.3 product from postgresql-8.0.3-1PGDG.src.rpm on
RedHat9 (I'm thinking the source RPM for RH9 should not have exactly the
same name as the FC3 version, since they are different files).  When I
tried to roll it into an RPM CD builder transaction, I got 'RPM
dependency errors': "CRITICAL ERROR: Unable to resolve dependency
libecpg.so.3 for postgresql-libs" and "CRITICAL ERROR: Unable to resolve
dependency libpq.so.3 for postgresql-libs".  I was only including the
base rpm, -server, and -lib in the RPM transaction set.

The culprit was a nasty bit at $TOP/src/Makefile.shlib:243.  This piece
insures that for the link step of libecpg.so.5.0 and
libecpg_compat.so.2.0, /usr/lib is searched for libpq and libecpg.so
_before_ the locally built copy is searched.

At least for libecpg.so.5.0 and libecpg_compat.so.2.0, the attached
patch fixes the problem.  Not sure if there would be other instances in
-contrib, etc.

Hope this helps and that I'm not redundant with your other fans.


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