On Wed, 6 Jul 2005, Tom Lane wrote:

> Pavel Stehule <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > if I use registered sqlstate, plpgsql knows text message.
> No, it does not.  I already pointed out that tying a single error
> message to a SQLSTATE is unreasonable, because that's not how the
> SQL committee intended SQLSTATEs to be used.  I haven't looked at
> this patch yet, but if it's doing things that way it is wrong.
no, raise stmt still needs message text (patch) 

>                       regards, tom lane

What I wont. Maybe I going in wrong direction. Please, correct me. User's 
exception needs and will needs message text. I don't wont to introduce 
wrong programming style. But if I use exception variable and have to use 
its, then there is not only SQLSTATE but there exist name of exception 
too. But I wont to simplify using system's exception. The system knows all 
what need: name, text, sqlstate. And in mostly time I don't wont to 
substitute text of system message. But if I wont to show it, I have to 
copy it.


raise exception div_by_zero; -- I wont to use system message, why not?

but now, I have to do
raise exception div_by_zero, 'division by zero ...'


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