Stephan Szabo wrote:

> I believe overlap of functions in the same expression was disallowed by
> the response to defect report 087.  The only reference I've been able to
> find right now (since the committee seems to have removed the C89 DRs from
> their site) is in the response to DR 287 which includes:
> "Proposed Committee Response
> As noted in the response to DR 087, function calls in the same expression
> do not overlap. This has not changed for C99."

Yay!  Good one.  The quote Tom gave was not in the C99 draft I have access
to, and the 1998 C++ standard only contains a footnote implying that the C
standard at the time _did_ allow overlap of function calls whose order is
not specified.  But what you quote here (apart from the "Proposed")
implies that C89 makes the guarantees we need.


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