Titus von Boxberg wrote:
Having read the FAQ, it's not clear to me, where the patches go (and when)
that I would send into this list.
These are my open questions:

Are the patches applied to HEAD?

It depends on the patch. New features are almost exclusively only applied to HEAD, whereas patches that fix bugs (with a low chance of introducing additional regressions) or fix typos in the documentation are applied to back branches.

And only Very Important Patches are merged to the current or
even an older release branch?


Main background questions are:
What else (besides creating and testing the patch myself) can I do to
alleviate applying (or deciding to apply) the patches?
Could I expect (and if so in what time frame) the patches to appear in HEAD?
So at some time I would find my code in a cvs up?

Assuming the patch is accepted, it will eventually be reviewed and applied by one of the committers. The time frame for doing that depends on various factors: the size and complexity of the patch, the amount of review / fixing it needs, the workload of the committers, and the current stage of the release cycle (we just passed feature freeze for 8.1, so I think most committers are busy with work for the upcoming 8.1 beta release). Unfortunately we can be a bit tardy in applying patches at times, IMHO.

How do I know that?

It is standard practice to send email to patch submitters when their patch has been applied (or alternatively rejected, or a resubmission of the patch has been requested). You can also read the pgsql-committers mailing list, which logs all the CVS commits.


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