Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> The attached (new) src/test/regress/expected/geometry_9.out, intended 
> only for the 7.3 stable branch,  allows a clean regression pass on my 
> FC4 box. I called it that to avoid conflicts with other geometry_n files 
> on later branches.

I'd like to have a more principled approach to fixing the back branches
than "we'll do whatever it takes to have a clean buildfarm board on the
set of machines that happen to have volunteered to run buildfarm on that

The geometry test has been such a consistent bugaboo that I'd sooner
remove it from the back branch test lists than follow the path your
proposal leads down.  I can see we'd need at least one more geometry
instance immediately in the 7.3 branch, and what about 7.2?

> The attached patch for contrib/seg/segparse.y allows a clean 7.3 contrib 
> build. The latter fix looks like one that should be made on the 7.4 
> branch also - man 3 errno on my box says:

Agreed --- this is outright unportable code.  Patched in 7.2-7-4.
(It may be that 7.4 fails to fail on your machine because it's already
included <errno.h> by way of c.h, but the extern is an invitation to
trouble in any case.)

                        regards, tom lane

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