Tom Lane said:
> Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> The attached (new) src/test/regress/expected/geometry_9.out, intended
>> only for the 7.3 stable branch,  allows a clean regression pass on my
>> FC4 box. I called it that to avoid conflicts with other geometry_n
>> files  on later branches.
> I'd like to have a more principled approach to fixing the back branches
> than "we'll do whatever it takes to have a clean buildfarm board on the
> set of machines that happen to have volunteered to run buildfarm on
> that branch".
> The geometry test has been such a consistent bugaboo that I'd sooner
> remove it from the back branch test lists than follow the path your
> proposal leads down.  I can see we'd need at least one more geometry
> instance immediately in the 7.3 branch, and what about 7.2?

I have no objection to disabling the geometry tests by default for 7.2 and
7.3. I think you're right to suggest that fixing them is not worth the
Note that because of the way the buildfarm script works, this failure was
masking the seg errno bogosity. Maybe I should reverse the test order to
make contrib before running and regression tests.



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