Attached is a patch for HEAD to implement Peter's suggestion to set the
SHLIB_LINK in the contrib modules that need it.

Also, this changes Makefile.aix to use SHLIB_LINK instead of LIBS so
that the changes to the contrib Makefiles are picked up correctly.
Further this makes it match more closely the link rules from


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> Subject: Re: [PATCHES] Changes for AIX buildfarm
> Tom Lane wrote:
> > Fair enough.  But I'm concerned about the proposed patch because it
> > seems to revert a deliberate change made some time ago:
> >
> > 
> >ev1.65
> >
> >
> > so I think we need more eyeballs on the problem before deciding this
> > is a good fix.
> A potentially more correct solution would be to set SHLIB_LINK in the 
> makefiles of the affected modules only.  Certainly we don't want to 
> link with all libraries all the time.
> -- 
> Peter Eisentraut

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