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Well I know that isn't true at least not with ANY of the Dells my
customers have purchased in the last 18 months. They are still really,
really slow.

That's too bad, can you cite some model numbers?  SCSI?

Yeah I will get them and post, but yes they are all SCSI.

I have great success with Silicon Image as long as I am running them
with Linux software RAID. The LSI controllers are also really nice.

That's good to hear, I gave up on Silicon Image controllers on Linux about 1
year ago, which kernel are you using with success?

Any of the 2.6 kernels. ALso the laster 2.4 (+22 I believe) support it pretty well as well.

  Silicon Image
controllers are the most popular, so it's important to see them supported
well, though I'd rather see more SATA headers than 2 off of the built-in
- Luke

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