Michael Fuhr said:

> I just built Python 2.3 and it does indeed format the error differently
> than later versions (the format appears to have changed in 2.3.1):
> I've attached two new files that should go in the plpython directory:
> resultmap
> expected/plpython_error_py23.out
> A problem with this patch is that it assumes a version of Python
> based on the OS, which might clean up the current buildfarm but
> that isn't really correct.  Is there a better way to handle this?

This is completely unnecessary - pg_regress has an alternative result
mechanism that doesn't rely on a resultmap file. Just name your alternative
result file foo_n.out instead of foo.out, for some n in [0-9]. In this case,
call it, say, plpython_error_1.out. Job done, and no OS dependence.



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