"Rocco Altier" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> It seems highly unlikely that this will accomplish anything, 
>> given that SHLIB_LINK is not used to construct regress.so.
> I have another patch in queue for this.

Oh, I see, you want to use SHLIB_LINK in the %$(DLSUFFIX): %.o

> Right now there are 2 different sets of linker rules.  One for a single
> file -> .so (from Makefile.aix), and another for multiple files ->
> lib<files>.so (from Makefile.shlib).

Actually, that's not the reason it's like this, at all.  The
percent-rules in the per-platform Makefiles are a hangover from long
before we had Makefile.shlib, and most of them pretty well suck.
As noted in Makefile.hpux,

# Rule for building shared libs (currently used only for regression test
# shlib ... should go away, since this is not really enough knowledge)

As far as I can see, src/test/regress/GNUmakefile is the only place
still depending on those rules.  I've wanted for quite some time to
change the regression makefile to use Makefile.shlib to build
regress.so, whereupon we could get rid of the percent-rules in the
per-platform Makefiles entirely.  Maybe it's time to have a go at that.

                        regards, tom lane

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