The patch works on AIX with one small tweak to Makefile.shlib
(attached).  This is needed because of the clever trick with using % as
name, and when its evaulated for the mkldexport.

Also, it appears that the changes for regress/GNUmakefile are already

I am able to build everything and pass the regression tests.  This just
leaves the contrib/pgport issue from letting AIX go green on the

Thanks for getting this simplification done!


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> Subject: [PATCHES] Proposed patch to remove .so pattern rules 
> from platform Makefiles
> I've wanted for a long time to get rid of the pattern rules in the
> port-specific Makefiles that generate shared libraries from single
> object files.  These patterns duplicate (or, more often, fail to
> completely duplicate) the knowledge in Makefile.shlib.  So from
> a maintenance point of view centralizing that knowledge is a good
> thing.
> The stumbling block has been partly that the regression-test makefile
> depended on the pattern rules (easily fixed by using Makefile.shlib)
> and partly that (and its predecessor 
> depended
> on the pattern rules to handle Makefiles that wanted to build multiple
> .so files.  Since Makefile.shlib is designed to handle only one shlib
> per build, there wasn't any obvious way to fix that.
> The attached proposed patch gets around this by invoking 
> Makefile.shlib
> in a way that produces a pattern rule " : %.o".  This is
> moderately ugly but it gets the job done without changing 
> Makefile.shlib
> itself.  Possibly it could be done more cleanly if we were willing
> to introduce pattern rules inside Makefile.shlib.
> I am not sure if the patch works on non-Unix platforms --- 
> could someone
> test on Win32 and Cygwin, in particular?  AIX is weird enough to need
> testing too.
> Any other comments?
>                       regards, tom lane

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