On Tue, 26 Jul 2005, Neil Conway wrote:

> Neil Conway wrote:
> > Not at the moment. I believe we have agreed that it would be better to 
> > remove the concept of "exception variables" and just use strings, but I 
> > haven't implemented this yet.
> BTW, one minor annoyance I noticed: a builtin condition name can 
> actually map to multiple SQLSTATE values. 

can you show sample, please?

If we allow a builtin 
> condition name to be specified to RAISE, this means we'll actually need 
> to pass around a list of SQLSTATE values that are thrown by the RAISE, 
> rather than a single SQLSTATE. This seems pretty ugly, though -- 
> especially considering that only a handful of the builtin condition 
> names actually do map to multiple SQLSTATEs. Does anyone have a better 
> suggestion?

Exception variables can solve it, but its dead concept. We can have list 
of prohibited condition names and for its throw compile error 

condition name is ambigous


> -Neil

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