Here is a backport of patches to get AIX to work on 8.0.

Basically, it's the changes to :
backend/Makefile - redo the linking of the SUBSYS objects
contrib/cube - pick up -lm
port/getopt_long.c - fix include files (might want to think about other
files changed here too?)
contrib/tsearch2 - similar include file fixes 

The tsearch2 part is the most invasive part of the patch, but I only
brought over the parts that were stopping the compile directly, so it
might not be the whole thing, since I was trying to minimize the impact
on the code base.

It might be possible to trim the tsearch down further to only the needed
files, but I just brought over the include file fixes from HEAD directly
- so that the branches would be more directly comparable to each other.


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> Tom Lane wrote:
> >Pushed these in too ... hope to see a green board on the AIX 
> buildfarm
> >machines soon.
> >
> >     
> >  
> >
> That's what we have. Good work. Are these changes too intrusive to 
> backpatch to 8.0?
> cheers
> andrew

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