Here here on this one.

With the deprecation of oids on the horizon insert returning is to be extremely important. It's use with the uniqueidentifier mod would be really really helpful.

On a similar note, is anyone working on the ability to have a column default as the product of a function on another column of the same row. I know this can be done as a trigger but something like CREATE TABLE abc (name text not null unique, hash not null default somehashfunc(name)); would be very convenient, and of course with the ability to get the product back with insert returning.

Kevin McArthur

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Are you still working on completing this?


Hi there,

Attached is a patch (by Gavin Sherry, fixed up to apply to 8.1 by me) that
implements INSERT ... RETURNING functionality.

It does work for the common case of RETURNING the value of a serial/sequence column, but gets confused when returning results out-of-order (CREATE TABLE x (a int, b int), INSERT ... RETURNING b, a) and doesn't let you specify the same column multiple times (INSERT ... RETURNING b, b). These will be addressed

Omar Kilani

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