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> To: Dave Page
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> instrumentation patch
> Dave Page wrote:
> >>
> >>pg_dir_ls isn't necessary for reading the logfiles; 
> >>pg_logdir_ls will do 
> >>this.
> > 
> > 
> > Err, yes, sorry - that was a thinko.
> The list isn't complete. pgadmin uses these three functions 
> for logfile 
> tracking:
> - pg_logdir_ls to list logfiles
> - pg_file_length to check for changes of the current logfile
> - pg_file_read to retrieve a logfile

Yes you're right, I didn't check thoroughly (in my defence, the coffee
machine broke this morning). Anyhoo, pg_file_stat is used by
pg_file_length, so that would be required as well.

None of those allow any modification of the filesystem, so do not suffer
the potential security issues that Tom was concerned about, so hopefully
there is no problem with them going in?

Regards, Dave.

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