Also, as we proved the last time the correctness argument was thrown in, we
can fix the bugs and still make it a lot faster - and I would stick to that
whether it's a PA-RISC, DEC Alpha, Intel or AMD or event Ultra Sparc.

Luke this comment doesn't work. Do you have a test case that shows that on an Ultra Sparc or PPC that you are accurate? Both of these CPUs are pretty big players in the Enterprise space.

PostgreSQL needs major improvement to compete with Oracle and even MySQL on
speed.  No whacking on the head is going to change that.

I am going to assume that you forgot to clarify this statement with "IN BULK LOADING", because if you didn't I would like to see your test results.

My very real life experience shows that MySQL can't not keep up with PostgreSQL under load.

Nobody here argues that PostgreSQL needs to improve. If it didn't need
to improve I would be out of business because it would be perfect.


Joshua D. Drake

- Luke

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