On Fri, Aug 12, 2005 at 10:49:43AM -0700, Mark Wong wrote:
> I thought I'd run a couple of tests to see if it would be helpful
> against CVS from Aug 3, 2005.
> Here's a run with autovacuum turned off:
> http://www.testing.osdl.org/projects/dbt2dev/results/dev4-015/42/
> 5186.55 notpm
> Autvacuum on with default settings:
> http://www.testing.osdl.org/projects/dbt2dev/results/dev4-015/38/
> 5462.23 notpm

Just noticed what seems to be a bug: in


plot "index_info.data" using 1:2 title "i_customer" with lines, \
"index_info.data" using 1:2 title "i_orders" with lines, \
"index_info.data" using 1:3 title "pk_customer" with lines, \
"index_info.data" using 1:4 title "pk_district" with lines, \
"index_info.data" using 1:5 title "pk_item" with lines, \
"index_info.data" using 1:6 title "pk_new_order" with lines, \
"index_info.data" using 1:7 title "pk_order_line" with lines, \
"index_info.data" using 1:8 title "pk_orders" with lines, \
"index_info.data" using 1:9 title "pk_stock" with lines, \
"index_info.data" using 1:11 title "pk_warehouse" with lines

Notice how the subindexes are wrong ... I think it should be 1:3 for
i_orders, no?  Apparently indexes_scan.data has the same problem.

It called my attention that the pk_warehouse index seems to have a very
different usage in both runs in index_info, but in indexes_scan they
seem similar.

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