Tom Lane wrote:
> Stefan Kaltenbrunner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>attached is a patch against psql that makes psql's tabcomplete code
>>ROLES aware, adds SET SCHEMA and basic CREATE DATABASE/TRIGGER support
>>as well as some other minor things.
> Applied with some changes.  I didn't see the point of making \du
> backwards compatible to older versions; we've never worried about that
> before in psql's \d commands.  Also I thought the "Attributes" approach
> of the old \du code was well past its usefulness, so I just changed it
> to separate columns.

thanks for applying!
While I know that we have never guaranteed backwards-compatibility for
psql's backslash commands (or for tab-complete either) I modeled this
after the \db-tablespace code. Removing it altogether is fine too :-)
Any particular reason why you dropped the SET SCHEMA <tab> part of my
patch ?


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