Hi, I am with problems to function postgreSQL 8.0.3 in 
windows XP with the Ipv6 protocol. I try to have access the 
bank in the following way: 

 psql -h ::1 -d db_teste -u postgres

 but it gives an error: could not translate ::1: Unknown host.
 already I configured the archive pg_hba.conf so that it has 
accepted address::1 of ipv6. My machine is effecting ping6 in 
::1 and my apache server also is functioning in ipv6. I made 
everything what it said in the manual.
My question is the following one: PostgreSQL does not function in windows XP
with the Ipv6 protocol, or has that to configure plus some 
thing? Or It only functions in linux?
Necessary of some patch so that it functions in windows Xp?

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