Petr Jelinek wrote:

Andrew Dunstan wrote:

I suspected we'd forgotten something.

The attached small patch appears to be what's required (at least on loris). "make check" failed but not for any apparent ipv6 reason. More importantly, we correctly set HAVE_IPV6 and HAVE_STRUCT_ADDRINFO.

Well this is what I ment with those proposed changes - I haven't sent patch, just said whats needed - always define HAVE_IPV6 and HAVE_STRUCT_ADDRINFO and include ws2tcpip.h, if you do just that include like your patch did, you'll break building on W2k (and like I said I don't know how to make HAVE_IPV6 and HAVE_STRUCT_ADDRINFO always defined under windows because I am not familiar with configure and thats why I haven't sent patch).

Really? Please don't assert it, test it and tell us what the error is. I find it highly unlikely that it will break building on w2k, and only slightly less unlikely that it will break running on w2k. But I want to see the evidence (make error or error from runtime log).

The patch I sent should be exactly what is required to have HAVE_IPV6 and HAVE_STRUCT_ADDRINFO defined on windows. That should be true regardless of which windows you are building on - the headers should be the same.



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